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High Lane Conservative Club Circa 1980


High Lane Conservative Club is believed to have been formed on September 8th 1911 upon joining the Association of Conservative Clubs (A.C.C.), in a small hut close to Eden Avenue just off the A6.

Sometime afterwards, the present site is believed to have been bequeathed to the members by a gentleman named Wainwright, including a house known as Wainwright House, which was used as the Clubhouse.

A Bowling Green was laid c1930 with a slope down from the top which was grassed and mown, by the Chairman of the day, Squire Angel c1942.

The present Club was built in 1967 on what was the orchard of Wainwright House. It consisted of a Function Room with a Snooker Table at the Bowling Green end, a smaller room at the Buxton Road end used for small meetings, and Committee meetings, and a small lounge where it is now.

In 1973, the Clubhouse was extended towards the Bowling Green and the existing Snooker Table moved into it.

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