The club run lottery bonus ball numbers .Members can enquire for numbers to see if one is available

Meat Draw

8 prizes of different meats



Every Friday evening

Open the Box

Raffle to win the chance to open the box with one of 15 keys

If the prize is not won it rolls over to the following week and 1 key is removed




Every Friday evening

Bonus Ball

Members can select one of the 59 numbers used in the National Lottery, if the number is draw as the bonus ball in the Saturday draw they win £50

£1 per week


Saturday 8pm

Tote Double

Members select 10 entries of 2 numbers from the range of 1-30

If their number matches they will win the tote

If number 31 is draw first the snowball jackpot is available, 2 matching numbers wins both prizes

£1.20 per week


Sunday 1:30pm